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It really doesn't matter when it happens! Take your time, live your life, there are things more important than papercrafting... we'll be there whenever... ;-)
Hope everything goes well with the surgery. Hugs <3

Colleen Beynon

Hey Tamara, Good luck on your surgery . Hope it all goes well and I agree with Bee Life happens :-) We will still be here for you when your ready. ~~~~ Hugs

Jenn Loirst

Hi Tamara~ Good luck with your surgery, hope everything goes smoothly.. We will all be here when your ready :)


Good luck with everything! No worries, my DH and I are doing the same thing with our 10yr anniversary this Fri! We figured, a 10th anniversary, 40th birthday (for me) and holiday party around November LOL! So you know I understand ;)


Come through your surgery for yourself, your children and your husband.....and then.....think of US. We all can wait. Hugs, Lorna


Take care of yourself, we can wait! Just try to post some photos of your lovely creations if you have time to make them!!!!

Donna O'Neil

That is ok! Don't stress yourself out for it. Hope your surgery goes well and you need to give yourself time to recover.


We will still be here, take care of yourself!

Jennifer Palmer

Taking care of yourself takes priority! Get better fast so you can go back to posting AWESOME projects for all of us to drool over! Hugs!


Pushing it back just means there's more time for creative thinking. We'll still be here :) Hope your surgery goes well and that you have a super speedy recovery!


Take care of yourself first :) We'll still be around when you get better.


Good luck with your surgery. Hope everything goes smoothly.


I'm glad to hear you're taking care of yourself and your family first! I hope everything goes smooth with your surgery. You're a very inspirational crafter, and I always look forward to your projects, hang in there. Your Bloiversary isn't going anywhere without you.


Same thing happened to me with surgery and recovery in the midst so I just had to cancel my blogaversary because other things were more important. Don't worry about this - worry about recovering fast and feeling better! We will be here waiting to see more of your fabulous creations when you get around to them!


Good luck with the surgery! here's to a speedy recovery for you! and when you are recovered and feeling well, I have a creative proposition for you! if you'd like to hear about it now so that you can chew on it while you recover, send me a little email :)

Ann Ricks

Don't stress. We'll all still be here when it's said and done. And the most important thing is to take care of yourself and get well quickly!


Hi Tamara......I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Get well soon, Sweetie. Love and Hugs, Lorna


Hope everything is going well, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Paige Evans

Just wanted to say your blog is soooooo cute! I love it!

writer jobs

oh my good luck on your surgery that will be hurt for sure!

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