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So cute! I can see why you are impressed. I'm going to save my money up for one... Sure miss cutting with MTC on my Cricut!


Did you buy the cardstock that you used for the fish as it's shown (where it is faded in one area) or did you use some type of something to make it that way?

Also - what tool do you use to stitch? I've seen several ways...

Thanks! Your items are A M A Z I N G! I wish I could be as good as you one day :)


Stefani, they print that way! That is what the graphic looks like! Cool, huh? I stitch with my sewing machine..

Thanks! :)


OMGOsh! Stop sharing these goodies with me until I get my Silhouette! I don't want to see any of this cuteness in front of me! They are the most adorable cutouts and can't wait to get mine. Seems so long when I have to wait. Soooooo looooong. Not that I probably will have time to play with it anyway - just like all my other toys! LOL! I don't know how you get so much done in a day! Okay, seriously, you did awesome with this card and how cute it that Buzz? Love it. And, I'm refraining from showing this to my kids - they're going to want this cartridge.

Sorenson Jeff

I do love that buzz... great job! You know you're my inspiration BFF! (even tho I don't know you lol) I love to make your stuff.

Joanna Bandelin

What a super cute fishy card! And Buzz is very handsome..hopefully he lasted all night! lol..

Belinda Brown

I need to get me some of dat!

Dawn Middleton

Absolutely gorgeous, the Silhouettes on offer at the moment in the UK, you have inspired me to get one, looking forward to your next tutorial, thanks for showing, Dawn x


Lovely card! btw if you like things like Toy Story, check out http://www.mardenz.blogspot.com/ - there's loads of amazing svg's, I made a great Lightening McQueen Card!

Justine Lane

I agree with you about the lawsuits- I don't give a crap either!! They have a right to protect their copyright... not that I'm going to update my cricut EVER now cuz I don't want to lose SCAL 2! LOL! Maybe there will be a silhouette in my future.... Adorable projects! Can you share how you are doing the stitching? Do you have a handheld sewing machine? It adds so much to the cards! Please tell me how you do it!

Becki Morefield-Wagner

I was just going to ask how you did the stitching too! Do you use a full size or have the handheld Singer one? I was going to get the small one till I read the reviews. They were awful. Adorable card!


The sewing is done with a full sized machine! Same one I use to make clothes, etc. Works really good and it's a cheapie machine by Brother but I've sewn like crazy on it for years and it's held up quite well!

I'm glad you all like my card!


WOW...SO CUTE AND FUN!! Love all the bright summer colors. Hugs, T


LOVE that card, I so want a print and cut feature too! Lol :-D

Kate Smith

The answer to kids and paper is... laminate! I worked in a daycare and we had tons of fun with the paper doll carts, but I had to buy a Xyron machine and laminate everything.

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