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Donna O'Neil

My secret is that I like circus peanuts and marshmellow peeps. Don't tell my hubby that I still go out and by them and eat them at work ocassionally.


Hmmm a little secret? Well I love all your 3D projects (this one is as beautiful as all the others! ;-)), but I would love to see a card on your blog one day! :-D (maybe there has been cards and I missed them because I am overtired... LOL)

Celeste Lombas

okay soooo you made me really tired after reading your post..... I can hear the excitement in your post....
Okay for the secrect....... You are truely amazing.... I am so jealous.. You really need to send me just a hint of your crativity... I love what you did with the birdhouse..... Husggggggs to you I will share your link on my facebook...............


A secret, hmmm? I don't know much about this "SVG" stuff and when I see those letters I tend to go away, but today, I hung around and this is the first time I'm posting on your blog. Your birdhouse is just the sweetest and cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I haven't done anything like this in some time either; a paper lantern w/photo's around it about 3 years ago. I may just have to give this one a try :-)


Ok! I already like you on facebook! My secret... I am loving all your creations! You are definately turning me on to using SVGs. So now i need to buy a program to use them. My husband is not going to like you!! :)

Wendy Green

I have two boys, and I secretly purchase clothes to match my scrapbook paper, or vice-versa! I'm terrible I know!!


hmm a secret? Sometimes I zone out and dream of all the crafting ideas I would love to produce, but when I actually get the time to do them my mind goes blank.


A secret?....I should be cleaning right now(since I have 5 people coming to stay with at our house next week) but instead I'm browsing facebook and my favorite blogs.

Joanna Bandelin

Oh wow your lil' birdie house came out so stinkin' cute!! I love the climbing vines on the side and the scallop roof is amazing! My secret is I let me daughter watch cartoons for a few hours while I scrap ((she's 1!))...don't tell my hubs! lol..thanks for the fun giveaway! :)


My secret is ..... I'm on FB & surfing through my favorite blogs instead of working. Shh don't tell my boss.


MY secret is that I spend way to much money on all my paper crafting.


Congratulations on your 100th post! I've probably been the biggest stalker of yours - I've spent enough time day and night browsing through your amazingly talented projects and your beautiful pictures and your pretty and handsome kids. You've made me so unproductive! Anyway, gorgeous birdhouse - love everything about it - the little details, the placement of your embellishments, is just perfect! And, I don't say that to very many people. SVGcuts, RAH, and Fantabulous Cricut is so lucky to have you! Looking forward to many years of frienship, and oh, I almost forgot about my secret..... hmmm...I think that I tell you enough! Hey, if it was a secret, I'd be messaging you, insead of making it public here :)

Joanne P

My secret is that i am totally obsessed with buying crafty stuff and I need to stop and actually create, lol


Love, love, love, the bird house... you are so talented! Also love your blog! My secret is that I'm obsessed with paper crafting blogs! I think yours is my favorite!


Tamera I jsut see that all the posts tell very one our little secret so..my secret is that I am totally addicted.........
to paper crafting and SVGCUTS.com and Mary and Leo and the design team I stalk you all and you are all my hero!!! thats my secret ... addiction.... is the an aa group provided? lol

Beth F

I love your adorable birdhouse! It must ahve taken a lot of time to make. My secret--I love collecting paper stacks!


Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous works of art with us. Your very talented.


I love your creations, your very talented!
thanks for sharing


My secret is that my DH doesn't know whether to love or hate you. He knows you're responsible for starting my SVG obsession, lol!


secret is: I don't ever share how much I spend on scrap materials with others...they would be shocked!

Patti Hurlburt

My secret is....I always budget a little extra money in with the grocery bill every week so my hubby has no idea how much I actually spend on paper craft stuff. He would really freak if he saw my hidden stash!! he he he

Susan Wilson Ross

Very beautiful work. I'm pretty sure you are a fellow OCD!

Joanne Swarthout

I love all your projects! Not a secret really! lol!

Just Julie

Did you know bees can smell fear! Shhhh....don't tell anyone, it's a secret. I'm pretty sure only you, me, Tom Cruise, and the kid with the glasses know this preciouos fact. LOL

Angie R.

A secret?

I've dropped and broken about 3 of my gypsy stylus' in the month that I've owned it. Okay, maybe that's not a secret, its just pathetic lol

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