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Amanda C.

Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

I wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday! I turn 28 on the 16th as well! :)

Hope today is a little easier for you! I have days like that as well and I only have one kid to keep up with! :)

Terri Deavers

Ah, how this brings back memories. LOL! You can do it! haha Mine are older now, and last year I went off caffeine (well except for my hot tea, couldn't go completely cold turkey) Both of my girls are adults and moved out 2 years ago. Our son is 14 (late in life surprise) and it is like having a completely different family. He is way easier than the girls. LOL! (or I am just older and losing my memory) hehe


LOL! You are a pretty funny mommy! Don't be so hard on yourself, I don't get half as much done as you and I feel that way about my TWO kids. If we had a third, we deinitely would be unfit parents! We were only adequate parents at one kid!

Love, love, love your blog, it always makes me smile and inspires me!!

Supra Baby Skytop

The drive to succeed comes from the burning motivation to achieve a function. Napoleon Hill wrote, Whatsoever the imagination of dude can consider and think, the brain can achieve.

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