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Wow - that was an awesome tutorial!!! With the starting/ending music and your humor here and there, you did awesome! And yeah, it's helped me hours of trying to figure this out! Still looks a little complicated, but I'm sure if I have the program open, I should be able to follow?? I cannot wait to get mine now!!!! Fishies look sooo cute! I wanna play with fishes, too!


Thank you for the tutorial. You make it look easy. Bummed I bought the Imagine now. Oh well, maybe someday....

Lorna Mae

Fantastic Job, Tamara. You are a pro already. :-)

Terri Deavers

Excellent Tamara. Really enjoyed your video. Especially the swimming part. LOL I was thinking that in my head when you said it. haha Can't wait to see more.


So excited to see this I am getting my Silhouette SD soon :-) husband ordered it today!!!!

Lorna Mae

Hi Tamara, I'm going to enjoy using this info. with some projects and as I said (above) you did a fantastic job with the tutorial. I have a question , tho'.

Yesterday I used a graphic from Lettering Delights and did the "trace" and all and cut out an adorable turtle. So I went a step further and put 4 graphics from them on one page to cut and did the "trace" and all and when it cut them out it cut all four squares out around each one where I would have had them selected. It cut each one out but as I said, it cut our a square around each one. I had tried "grouping" the four before I cut but it didn't give me that option. I'm missing a step somewhere along the way. Any ideas ??? Thanks, Lorna

denise gutierrez

wow!!! i just discovered your blog and m IN LOVE!!!!


hi, found you through facebook...great tutorial. Can this be used for sketch pen? When I use the sketch pen it just prints an out line?

Lorna Mae

Yippee.....I found the step I was missing in my cutting out the shapes from Lettering Delights. I forgot(after I put the Threshold on 100% and clicking Trace) to move the colored image away and delete it. This left just the actual cutting lines of the shapes and it cut perfectly. Sorry to bother you, Tamara. :-)


Lorna, I am so glad you figured it out! :)

Amy, I have no idea, sorry! I've never used sketch pens.

Belinda Brown

You are fantastic on your video making skills! AND I really loved how you move your mouse around as you think...I do the same thing:) But I have to say -you're bad for my checkbook, I got to have one of these! And it looks like you wouldn't need any other software huh?

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