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Wow! I cannot believe the intricate cuts you got there looking so good!! No way could I get anything like that with my cricut, even with a new blade!! I am impressed!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that Silhouette will bring us a 12X12 for christmas, LOL... ;-) Thanks for sharing your first impressions! :-)
(PS: are those shapes from the Silhouette store? I love them)


Ohhh... I'm so excited for you! The video is great! Thanks for putting this together for us! I love all the cuts you made and it's perfect. Love that purple flower! Can't wait to see you make amazing things with your new toy!


Thanks a bunch!!

Bee, yes, those are in the Silhouette online store :)

Belinda Brown

Very cool you makeAme drool!
But I neeeeed inches, at least 12!Hurry up silhouette!

Dena Jones

Thanks for the review. I really want to upgrade from my Expression to a machine that can cut intricate cuts well! I've seen the Eclips in action, but it is a cartridge-based system at the moment. Sooo...I may be getting a Silhouette -- when they have a 12-inch model available (have heard it is in the works). Love the cuts you did on the Silhouette. Oh, and not a fan of the noise level either, though! I borrowed one from a friend and was also annoyed with how LOUD it was! Thanks again!

Jodi E

Hi Tamera,

Just found your blog in the summer blog hop...awesome!
I have a "Silly-Butt" too! I have had so much trouble with my blade also. They sent me a new one after they declared my "faulty", that was nice but I have bought so many refil blades and I get 2 maybe 3 good cuts and poof...I could do better with no blade at all I think! Just wondering if you have had any break through moments that solve the blade problem? I even bought a new all metal blade housing and blades from Speciality Graphics. That works better but I think all that pounding down on the blade is making them un-usable way too fast. My theory anyway. Would love to hear how yours is doing.
Your sea life card...adorable!!

Have a great day,

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